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Welcome to Royal City Company Limited, a prominent force in the Fast Moving Consumable Goods industry, embarking on a transformative mission in Ghana's rice farming sector. We leverage extensive experience to drive positive change, integrating strategic investments, technology, partnerships, and technical expertise. Our commitment lies in establishing a robust ecosystem for the rice value chain, contributing to agriculture, creating jobs for youth and women, and nurturing indigenous businesses.

As fervent advocates for progress, we conducted comprehensive research in Ghana and Thailand. Dedicated to producing high-grade rice, we rival foreign counterparts in quality, packaging, and branding. With a footprint spanning thousands of acres in Mepe Adudornu, Volta Region, and an investment exceeding $1 million, Royal City pioneers progress in sustainable, high-quality rice cultivation. Join us on this journey towards excellence, sustainability, and community empowerment in Ghana's evolving agricultural landscape.

About Us: The Means

Implemented Model

Royal City Company Limited excels in innovative approaches to optimize rice production. Our out-grower model stands at the forefront, strategically boosting yields while diversifying risks in rice farming. Envisioning significant growth, we plan to engage over 500 out growers and 500 in growers in the next 36 months. This model not only ensures increased yields but also guarantees technical support, facilitating optimal farm mechanization. To further support our out growers, we've established small farm holder teams, each led by a dedicated team leader and supported by agronomists and extension officers, fostering a comprehensive and sustainable approach to rice cultivation.

The Company Tomorrow

To cite a rice milling plant with a capacity of 120 tons per day.

We plan to cite a factory with state of the art modern silos for proper storage, dryers to be used for drying grains at the optimal temperature, rice destoning machine to eliminate stones, sand and clods from paddies and equipment for proper packaging and branding. This is to complement our aim of producing high grade local rice that can compete with the foreign rice in terms of quality, packaging and branding.

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